April 28, 2012

All New IPad!

Hello everyone Long time I haven't been on the writing pads for blogging something interesting. But now it's been about time I must write something which makes sense and has value to readers. So this weekend I had a chance to checkout the best ever innovation from the almighty Sir Steve Jobs. So this is a awesome piece of one among multiple innovations so I never had opportunity to excite it or had any scope to understand this particular peice of innovation. So a good friend of mine who just landed in India for some days brought this "The All New IPad" and to my amusement I believe this is a peice of superior quality and has really quite out of the box features. But something coming to my mind was this is good for people who neither have a Mac book and nor are enthusiast on using any other product. Because I have an IPhone and also have used a Mac Book Pro and I feel an IPad is mix and match of much included features for the combinations of the both, so if you get chance to use anything of the available you will surely miss not having used the feature again and again. This innovation looks class looks smart and sharp! I have been falling in love with this gadget as another apple products and I wish I can simple keep one in my pocket because I am a heavier fanny of all awesome innovations from my admired and respected the god of technology. Please use it for a day and then comment if you feel the blog depicts the truth of all Apple Innovations. Happy technology .

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