July 13, 2011

Google + || Facebook

I am sure you must have read a lot of content on similar lines. But what seems more important is why are we trying to differentiate among social networks. Facebook predominantly held this position and possibly will always be holding it. But ideally the latest craze is anything that looks new makes end users feel nice. This is what something which has happened with Google+; If we take ourselves to some years in past we would remember that Google is trying to penetrate in Social market since they launched there desktop client "Google talk". Although severely after that they came with many such ideas Orkut / Wave / Buzz / +.

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So if we practically understand & see their are many features that Facebook offers to make end users keep touching the site which currently not Google is able to provide. The most important fact is Google is doing great business in many different domains and sectors leaving apart the failures that they had in Social Domain.

In the same business domain fights a native player who has doing good enough is Linkedin. This website has been favorite for n number of reasons. And has always satisfied the way people tend to get around with it.

I am a follower of technology so I respect and try all the best & quality products that really appreciate end users want us to play with these toys. So I will bring you some similar interesting aspects in technology now and then.