August 24, 2008

iphone launches in India

Hello friends,

I am here on this post to tell you some truths i have experienced with Apple Iphone.
I was basically using an iphone from april 2008, uf course unlocked. nothing went wrong this was fine peice of technology and art. After consecutive months i started understanding the pro's and con's of Iphone.

  1. Has a 8/16 GB of memory.
  2. Ability to understand the handling is cool feature, rotate's clockwise and anti-clockwise.
  3. Picture quality is quite appreciable.
  4. Music out-put cannot be imagened, as inbuilt ipod is the server to your request.
  5. Internet access is fine, that was 2G so it was good, can check emails and send emails like blackberry.
  6. Battery capability is immense as once you charge completely can sustain upto say 10hrs standby, or 4hrs music.


  1. Itunes is necessary to sync data.
  2. cannot be used with multiple computers, cannot share your data to any other device.
  3. Camera lacks flash, 2MP.
  4. Speakers in Iphone are very less volumed.
  5. No video recording, also if you wish to have recording of videos you can always go to Installers section download software which emmulate the iphone camera as video recorder, but you may need to register or pay for that software.
  6. Bluetooth connectivity is useless, may be after this launch we can use it for (bluetooth)handsfree.
  7. SMS(Short Messaging Service) is the heart of indian mobilization, we usually have the process of forwarding SMS to group or individual, but not possible with Iphone, neither you cannot copy them or do anything. but yes you can have a loop of all messages sent to each memeber .
  8. For Citi travellers, no Radio.
Friends just brfore the launch, i moved from iphone to HTC diamond. but i Still miss the iphone, may be once it add all these features, i will be saluting it again.

Cost:- the present costing for Iphone is too much suggested is get it from US, and get it unlocked from some genuine dealer, pay 500 bucks, and save money.