September 24, 2008

Coding Guideliness in Rails

Rails an active framework in today’s web2.0 world, so to stay updated and make coding easy just with very little tricks and tips while you code.
The best part of rails is its truly flexible in terms of various programming paradigms. So for better coding standards we can use the below given styles and make our life easy, the best part is rails make code in human readable form.

Use the below given guidelines:-
Use Active record finders.
Use named_scope for finding nested models.
Pass params as params not @params.
@params is deprecated, in rails 2.x versions.
Only have instance variables which are needed in views.
Create local variables which are needed within methods.
Keep all initializers in config/initializers file.
Keep simple routes by using namespaces & resources.
Use proper rdoc commenting for documentation purposes.
Use understandable naming convention for methods, variables & other definitions.
Generalize structure before you start, like have certain flow diagrams which will help in better coding.

September 9, 2008

Sony Erricsson P1i

P1i is basically a good phone lets have look at this Phone This phone has good abilities like

1. Good Sturdy Looks
2. Color scheme used for Body is Immpressive
3. Number keys are too short and lots in number, as they could have implemented nokia fancy styles.
4. 3.2 Megapixel Camera
5. Pcture quality is fine, but not very good.
6. Internet connectivity is achieved upto 408 kbps.
7. Good charging pad, looks highly dynamic with LEd insight to show charging.
8. Sound clarity is good even in crowd you can have better hearing advancements.
9. Storing contacts is Simple.
10. screen is Large enough to make visibility superior.
11. Touch screen enabled, lacks immense flowness like Iphone.
12. Easy navigation is acheived.

Cost's upto 17000/- INR .
Overall Ratings from me after using for a month, i believe this can have 6 star out of file
People have reviewed it well.
For more informtion Visit:-