August 23, 2011

Technical Blogging a Science or Philosophy

First of all, i would like to dedicate my views to my friend, guide Antonio Cangiano. He is writing a very inspiring and purpose of help to all the dedicated and really interested people out in community, who want to become Good Technical Writers; and I can assure you friends this is surely going to work. This book is a must read for most of us and including me, as I am eagerly waiting for it to be launched. this adds a lots of value, I do not write too many or even few technical blogs, whatever I write is more a sense of theory and explanations. which means all gyan and talk kind of stuff. 

Although I have good readers around in society may be people still like reading good things and motivational ideas. Well I believe writing technical blogs is a science in true sense because when you want to explain something important and more interestingly when its more a practical experience than it needs a valid procedure to explain each of it. you cannot just jump to conclusions and end up declaring some un connected links in the flow.  so here I believe its a science and complete essence of this science lies in understanding the provisional aspects. 

Philosophy? Should i say its a philosophy then yes, its a philosophy because here you cannot restrict the intention of interaction. so when one explains the idea of a purpose of technical procedure, then the process must be bonded in simple statements and clear thoughts because the readers must have a straight process to re produce the same output again.

So readers Please go and buy this new book and be better technical writers in the society, because we practically need very good technical writers as I can surely see that there is too much talent in this society and no one takes efforts to recite the same to global audience.

Best of luck to :- Antonio Cangiano

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